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St Thomas' Church Hall

4/5 week term

Stockton Heath


Lymm Library

4/5 week term



Whittle Hall Community Centre

4/5 week term

Whittle Hall


Little Luxury Salon

4 week term

Town Centre


4 week term

One to One Midwives


Spa Beautiful

4 week term


Baby Massage (suitable from birth)

Terms last for four/ five weeks and cost £40. This includes massage oil and handouts for you to take home.



Gradually over the five weeks we build up the time spent massaging, each week covering different parts of your little one. It's great for relaxation for both you and your little one and can help with bonding. It can be great for things like tummy aches, wind, teething, muscle aches and colic. It also teaches some techniques for calming and soothing your little one and hopefully improves sleep! It's a really nice relaxed class which is baby led so you can relax and enjoy, doing whatever you need to do to keep your little one happy. 







The course lasts for five weeks and each session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour approx. The classes include:

  • Intro to the session's massage strokes including benefits and cautions

  • Cues

  • New Massage strokes

  • Recap on previous massage strokes

  • Relaxed time massaging your little one

  • Social time with a drink and a biscuit

Parent and Child
Newborn's Care
Mother's Kiss
Happy Baby
Baby's Hand
Newborn Baby Foot
Tiny Feet